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What is Baba Mr Ganick Pro Series VitaMix +?

Baba Mr Ganick Pro Series VitaMix+ is a natural foliar fertilizer to quickly supplement plants that have Iron, Zinc, Manganese and Boron deficiency.


What are the symptoms of trace element deficiency?

If any of these are not available to the plant it may suffer characteristic symptoms.

  • Iron deficiency – causes yellowing leaves due to low levels of chlorophyll. Leaf yellowing first appears on the younger upper leaves in between veins. Severe iron deficiency may cause leaves to turn completely yellow or almost white, and then brown as leaves die.
  • Manganese deficiency – cause yellowing of leaves between veins. In very severe manganese cases, brown necrotic spots appear on leaves, resulting in leaves falling off. Manganese deficiency is often a sign of high pH soil or sandy soil with low levels of organic matter.
  • Boron deficiency – causes stunted appearance, brittle, discoloured leaves and loss of fruiting bodies. It affects new growth and upper parts of plants first.
  • Zinc deficiency – causes stunted growth, short stem length between leaves and branches and a decrease in leaf size. Delayed maturity also is a symptom of zinc-deficient plants

Why do I need Mr Ganick Pro Series VitaMix+?

  • Improves the quality and lifespan of crop harvest
  • Treats symptoms of micronutrients deficiency, such as curling or chlorosis of new leaves, whitening or yellowing of new leaves, rotting of fruit core or crystalized fruit fleshes etc
  • Enhances the lifespan of long term crops
  • Helps produce healthy and vigorous crop
  • Supplement plants with trace elements
  • Reduces or treats damage caused by chemical pesticides or fertilizers


Main Benefits

Better Growth
Promotes formation of protein complex and new cells within the crops and promotes uptake of nutrition.

Treatment and prevention of leaf chlorosis & nutrient deficiency, in mixture with salts or chelates.

Soil Conditioner

Activator of soil microflora, mineralization & nutrient uptake, improving soil structure.

Better resistance against adverse environmental conditions and elements such as drought, flooding, nematodes, viral and fungal diseases, pesticide or herbicide phytotoxicity especially during transplant, trimming or grafting.



Situation Application method
Foliar Spray 8 – 30gm per 10L water, every 10-14 days
Fertigation 800gm per acre, every 10-14 days
Mixture Mixable with most commonly used liquid fertilizer, insecticides, acaricides



For leafy vegetables: 12.5 – 25 g + 20L Water 7-14 days Interval

For Multiple-harvest fruits like brinjal, durian etc 12.5 – 25 g + 20L Water 7-14 days Interval spray alternately with Mr Ganick Pro Series Algino K+

For seedlings, 12.5 – 25 g + 20L Water 7-10 days Interval. Spray alternately with Mr Ganick Pro Series Algino K+

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